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Renew your mind, body & soul. Recharge your physical and mental health. Promote the internal & physical balance of your body.


IMassage is the destination for Massage Therapy & Bodywork you have been looking for!

At IMassage we combine the relaxing spa environment with the latest therapeutic techniques, promoting athletic performance, flexibility & health, while reducing pain & tension.

What separates us from the rest!

 We believe and practice Massage Therapy as an art greater than a "simple massage." It is the full experience people explore when they are on our tables. We pride ourselves in delivering a positive atmosphere, coupled with uplifting and healing energy. We thoroughly train our therapists to further fine tune their therapeutic skills with continuing education and protocols. Our Massage Therapists are open to educating clients about possible postural habits and when necessary teach best practices for a healthy body. Listening to clients needs is a very important element here at IMassage.  Our therapists pay close attention to addressing and alleviating problematic areas, while often suggesting a custom health & wellness program designed for the clients personal needs. This is the signature of IMassage.

Fall in Love with Massage

No matter the type of job, your level of physical activity, how old you feel, or even how young you feel, everyone can benefit from the rejuvenating, and restorative effects of a massage. Think of your body as an intricate machine, that is constantly processing, working, digesting, filtering, gathering, and truly operating 24/7. It's incredible what our bodies enable us to do, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly decade after decade! Getting a massage regularly can assist your body in faster recovery, improve your quality of life, promoting better performance and health. 

"Experience what massage lovers have remarked to be the "best thing they've done for their body in a long time," unwind & replenish your body with a massage."





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