IMassage is proud to carry a medical breakthrough neutraucutical containing five botanical plants called Protandim. Clinically proven to reduce the process of oxidative stress (cell damage) and inflammation by 40-70%.


 27 Major Medical Universities have independently funded research for Protandim's healthier aging benefits.

ABC Prime Time Report 2005 


Dr. Joe McCord Science Update 2011 

IMassage is a firm believer in promoting the body to heal & operate from a basic level. A healthy plant & fresh fruit dominant diet has been proven to help eliminate many common problems see in today's society. The herbal formula in Protandim is clinically proven to work 100% of the time at decreasing the rate of cell damage. The patented blend powers each plant ingredient to be 18x more effective in the body than the ingredients taken single handedly. 

 Coming soon your Oxidative Stress Levels can be taken by a breathalyzer test brought to you by Pulse Health.



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Montel Williams & Dr. OZ Before Protandim July-2009 


Montel Williams MS & Protandim Jan-2010



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